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My Work

I prioritize delivering quality work in all my personal and professional endeavors. I dedicate time to comprehensively understand the target audience, their mindset, and pain points of a brand, to formulate messaging strategies that can effectively connect with consumers on both functional and emotional levels, resulting in exceptional outcomes.  Here are some examples of my work.

How I Give Back

North San Antonio Chamber of Commerce, Board Member 2024


Leadership Lab Alumni Board, North San Antonio Chamber of Commerce

Member, 2021 – Present

Elected Vice President / President-Elect 2024


Lead SA, North San Antonio Chamber of Commerce, Board Member, 2024


Campaign Manager, Man and Woman of the Year Candidate, The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, 2018
Raised $197K in 10 weeks to fight Leukemia!


Secret Santa Coordinator, The Children's Shelter

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